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We appreciate there is an awful lot to consider when buying your new home. Mortgages, schools, removals, the cat - let alone getting to grips with a new home.

Redcliffe Homes staff have been helping clients through this process for years and are always keen to make the experience straightforward and pleasant. But it doesn't stop there. When you buy a Redcliffe home you can truly have peace of mind. We understand you'll want everything to be absolutely perfect when you move in, but if there is anything that you think is not right, just give us a ring..

The homes we build are for our individual customers and we never forget it. You may have specific requirements for your kitchen or want a particular finish on the flooring in the dining room. All these can be arranged, which makes your new home entirely unique and tailored to you.

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We appreciate you want your new home to be unique and personal to you. That is why we offer an individual service to all our customers.

We want you to have the home of your dreams so the earlier you reserve your new home the more we can individualise it, selecting the right kitchen, tiling and other finishes that will create your very special home.

We can also provide a range of extra items at competitive prices for you to further individualise your new home so that it’s just as you want it.

Please contact the Sales Advisor for further information.

Choices & Extras

Quality in design and build is important to us. To ensure that your new home is as you (and we) would expect we constantly inspect all of our homes throughout the course of construction.

We also engage only contractors who have demonstrated a commitment to achieving the quality demands we expect.

To ensure that our homes meet our own standards we register all of our homes with either the National Housebuilding Council (NHBC), Premier Warranty or LABC (Local Authority Building Control) who not only inspects every home at key stages of construction but also provides insurance cover should a structural defect arise within ten years of registration.

Full details of this cover are provided to your solicitor on completion of your purchase.

Consumer Code Introduction

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service, Redcliffe Homes are pleased to adopt the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

The Code, implemented by the NHBC and other Home Warranty providers for their registered builders, ensures new homebuyers receive reliable and comprehensive information when purchasing a new home.

For more information on the Code visit

Consumer Code Introduction

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