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Here are just a few examples of how we have worked with landowners over the past few years, achieving a number of notable planning successes, which will also give you a “feel” for the wide range and complexity of work we can, and often do, undertake.

Hopefully these few examples demonstrate the range of skills and depth of our experience when promoting both large and smaller planning applications together with our singular and determined approach in achieving valuable planning consent for our landowners, whilst also producing individual bespoke developments of lasting value.

Case Study


The promotion of a large greenfield site outside the village boundary, winning one of the first planning appeals in England for over 300 homes, based on lack of five year housing supply.

Case Study


The allocation and approval of over 100 units in a sensitive location within this World Heritage City, within the grounds of a Grade I listed building and Conservation Area.

Case Study


This involved the promotion of land to the South of Chippenham for 1,000 much needed new homes. After securing an outline planning consent in 2018 we have now purchased the land to develop in phases starting in Spring 2023.

Case Study


Working closely with the Parish Council and local planning authority we obtained a planning consent on land outside the village boundary for eighteen homes designed in the Arts and Crafts style.

Case Study


Again working closely with the Parish Council and local community, we secured planning consent for eighteen homes, in what is rightly regarded as the quintessential English village, which required an extremely sensitive and flexible approach to design and communication.

Case Study


A development of forty-four homes, within the Conservation Area and the grounds of Sherborne House, a Grade I listed building, requiring close liaison with English Heritage and Conservation Officers of the Council.

Case Study


Working closely with the local community and Parish Council we achieved a detailed planning consent for 57 homes and the refurbishment of the Heritage Centre, which has been gifted to the local community for use as a museum.

Case Study

Castlebar Hill

A simply unique scheme of just six mansion style homes modelled very much on the Victorian villas surrounding the development.

This challenging scheme with its intricate brickwork, atrium designed libraries and parkland setting is now a highly regarded devleopment within the Ealing Conservation Area and has matured very well.

Case Study


We were delighted  to eventually achieve a very valuable planning consent on appeal for our landowner (much to his surprise!). The site for 170 new homes has now been developed and is acknowledged as a scheme of exemplar design, receiving national recognition for its excellence. The scheme is also highly sustainable in many respects.

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